Bi-weekly summary report on the trends and issues in the macro-environment and industry to promote knowledge and raise understanding of business in Africa.

• Agriculture in Africa: As the global population rises, and agricultural production growth in the developed world declines, an opportunity emerges for Africa to become a major supplier of food and other agricultural products.

• The Battle against Plastic Pollution: Africa’s rapidly growing population and urbanisation rate may soon combine to create an environmental crisis, which many African governments are addressing in partnership with the private sector.

• Manufacturing: While many African governments have adopted policies intended to support the growth of manufacturing, the sector contributes little to GDP outside of South Africa, and the recent emergence of Ethiopia as a manufacturing force.

• The Mining Industry: Africa has millions of tons of rare earth reserves: Can Africa be an alternative source for the USA, given the current trade spat between the US and China?

• Renewable Energy Trends: Renewable energy strategies can substantially reduce Africa’s carbon footprint, and may help African countries avert impending climatic disasters.

The full Africa Digest report is available here.

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