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In the wake of controversial picks for Trump’s cabinet, the spotlight turns to his appointed choice for Secretary of State, the highest diplomatic rank in the United States government. After a brief interlude with Mitt Romney, which would certainly be a favourite pick among Republicans, Donald Trump showed that he would continue with his anti-establishment agenda and decided instead to recommend Rex Tillerson for the role.


After the shock post November 8th with the results of the American presidential election, the world started studying what a Trump presidency in the US would mean to the international markets and geopolitical environment. Africa is one of the largest exporters of raw commodities to the US and will certainly experience changes in the trading dynamics with the world power once Donald Trump assumes his place in the White House, on 20 January 2017.

Any one of many scenarios for the supply and price of oil could come to pass with Donald Trump in the White House, but in the short term, supply and demand rules.

THE outcome of the US election caught everyone off guard. Donald Trump - an entrepreneur and entertainment star with dubious business records and no experience in office - the unlikeliest choice by any keen observer of American politics, will become the 45th president of the most powerful nation in the globe. He succeeds Barack Obama on Jan 20, and, by then, world leaders will need to have worked out a strategy on how to make international deals with a nation headed by a chief executive with an unpredictable, volatile personality.

I had the honor of being invited to attend AfricOil’s 20 Year Anniversary Celebration held at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange a few weeks ago, courtesy of MoneyWeb. I refer to the words “few weeks ago” because the firm’s celebratory occasion has stuck with me ever since. I am thoroughly amazed how little I knew about AfricOil’s existence and how much I have come to know about the company and the industry since – that compelled me to pen an article in continuous celebration and appreciation of AfricOil’s successes and their relentless determination to positively grow this industry, which was monopolised by global multinational oil and gas companies. Africa is home to some of the world’s largest petroleum discoveries in recent years. A relative lack of exploration throughout the continent continues to offer huge lucrative opportunities for the further exploitation of untapped resources with prospect findings in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda and even Mozambique. This has re-positioned Africa as home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies. There are challenges that are currently plugging this specific sector worldwide – but this specific article doesn’t attempt to highlight or even dwell on the current status quo of the oil and gas industry. This article is out of gratitude and is the continued celebration of the story of AfricOil.




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