I spent most of my time in the town of Ndola, located in the Copperbelt province, which is one of the 10 provinces. Most of their main building are named after famous political leaders. Ndola’s international airport is named Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, their former vice-president and their multipurpose stadium is named after their third president, Levy Mwanawasa.

The People

Locals in Ndola rarely see foreigners around so they will tend to stare but that is because they are curious. Most of people that I have met are very friendly.

Zambians are really passionate about politics. Almost everyone that I met were really eager to share with me the history of their politics. They knew the names and background of their presidents. An interesting fact is that Zambia is only one year “older” than Singapore. They gained their independence in 1964.

(Statues of the  previous presidents of Zambia)  

The Food

Local Zambian food is fairly westernised and their main staple food is Nshima, which is made from maize flour. It is moulded into lumps and then served with side dishes such as braised meat and vegetables. It tastes like mashed rice.

Other interesting things

For parking vehicles, there will be people mending the parking lots, who will then issue you with a parking receipt when you leave. They do not have a parking coupon system or a parking coupon machine. Sometimes, you will see them running after vehicles who try to leave without paying.

Contributed by: Kan Wei Chong

Published : 22 June 16




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