The mandate of the NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies (CAS) is to develop awareness of Africa as an investment destination, and to develop thought leadership and capacity for doing business in Africa. It includes bringing Africa to Southeast Asia and Singapore, the latter being positioned as the gateway into Southeast Asia.

As such, the essence of the mandate of CAS is to build and expand the local and international profile of CAS by means of publications, conferences, talks, seminars, and the creation of relationships with international business schools in Africa, local businesses in Singapore, businesses in Africa, and other research entities, locally and abroad.

These relationships manifest themselves in the following ways:

  • Tapping into relationships stemming from MoU’s between Nanyang Business School and business schools in Africa.
  • Receiving from and sending to Africa groups of students wanting to learn about Africa and Singapore respectively.
  • Receiving researchers from Africa and elsewhere, with Africa as the point of focus.
  • Cooperation at conferences.
  • Developing and presenting capacity-building programmes on “Doing Business in Africa” and “Doing Business in SE Asia”.
  • Creating awareness of Africa in Singapore.



  • Vision
    • We connect Asia and Africa
  • Goals: The Centre will conduct research, present educational programmes and publish knowledge to facilitate the advancement of three key objectives:
    • Provide thought leadership on Africa to increase business knowledge and understanding of Africa – investment opportunities, risks and challenges, and sustainable strategies for the continent’s various markets.
    • Build human capital to support businesses’ engagement and expansion in Africa, educating and nurturing a community of thinkers and doers who are Africa-savvy.
    • Foster an integrated Africa network that cultivates ties among business, political leaders and thought leaders in Southeast Asia and Africa to narrow the knowledge gap between both regions.

CAS does this:

  • By producing research output and interventions which are internationally respected and which have practical and policy impact (papers, reports, talks, seminars, workshops).
  • By delivering top-quality capacity development to individuals and organisations on Doing Business in Africa and SE Asia, respectively.
  • By promoting an environment of authentic, critical academic engagement regardless of the provenance of the participants.
  • By engaging with the interests of our stakeholders, i.e. industry, government, academics, students, alumni, international partners and society at large.




The NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies is a unique trilateral platform with government, business and academia that promotes knowledge and expertise on Africa, to accelerate the deepening of business and trade ties between Asia and Africa.

As such, it endeavours to execute the following:

  • Develop a network of high profile research institutions and business schools who have Africa as focus.
  • Develop a network of high profile researchers on Africa.
  • Develop opportunities for the exchange of research faculty.
  • Develop opportunities for the enhancement of value-adding research.
  • Develop opportunities to engage business at large to identify and interpret business trends.
  • Develop opportunities for foreign business schools to visit Singapore and attend high impact short business educational courses, with Southeast Asian application and business visits as basis.
  • Develop opportunities for local business schools and businesses to visit Africa and attend high impact short business educational courses, with African application and business visits as basis.


About Nanyang Business School
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About Singapore Business Federation
As the apex business chamber, the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) champions the interests of the business community in Singapore in trade, investment and industrial relations. Nationally, SBF acts as the bridge between the government and businesses in Singapore to create a conducive business environment. Internationally, SBF represents the business community in bilateral, regional and multilateral fora for the purpose of trade expansion and business networking.

Under the auspices of SBF is also an Africa-centric business community group, the Africa Business Group (AfBG), which serves as a platform to facilitate exchanges between the Singapore business community and their counterparts from the Africa region. This is a strong private-public partnership which focuses on market exploration; knowledge building and sharing; identification of projects and contacts; and advocacy. Since its launch in July 2010, the AfBG secretariat has engaged over 34 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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